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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, it's the start of term and everyone is in a frenzy producing their medium term plans for the next six weeks! This being my second year in Y3, I already have some to fall back on. The topics are the same, so I am simply adapting them. Fortunately, last year, I scribbled all over them, noting what worked and what didn't. With just a little editing, I have them ready to go.

There is a wealth of planning material available on the internet these days, some good, some utter rubbish! Still, if you download a few and choose the best ideas from each of them, you can end up with a superb set of plans!

We are doing 'Passport to the World' for Geography and 'The Romans' for History. If anyone wants a copy of mine, please just email!

I would love to upload them and have them here for you, but I still haven't worked out how to do that yet!

I will add a new post about my favourite sites later. I have to sit and do my weekly maths and English planning first!




Blogger TEACHER SOL said...

I like your class homepage for being simple and appealing at the same time because of the contents. Can I link you up? Maybe we can start a peoject with our students thru this blogging technology one of these days, that would be great!

About your question, try You will need to register (free) and upload your powerpoint files there which will convert them to URL. Copy-paste like how you do it in putting your links in the sidebar.

Looking forward for more interaction with you...

10:19 pm

Blogger Debs said...

Thanks Teacher Sol! I have linked back to your site in my most recent post.

I would love to link our children up, that is a fantastic idea. I want to create them their own blog. So as soon as I have them settled in and have asked my boss for permission to do so, we can get started!


8:31 am


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