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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Download my Free Educational PowerPoints here

At last! I am so excited about this! Thanks to Teacher Sol's brilliant blog and her willingness to help those of us new to blogging, I have learned how to put my PowerPoint files on here for you to download.

Below is a list of the first few. I will also add them to the Links list at the side. I hope you enjoy them!

5 minute timer - exactly that! Run it for the last five minutes of the task and it tells the children how much time they have left. My class love it and it really speeds them up for those final five minutes!

ABC Brainstorm - Very simple, 2 columns containing the alphabet. I made it to save time writing it out everytime and it also allows the children to work independently. Basically, choose a topic, places for example. The children then have to think of a place starting with every letter of the alphabet. It can be used for any topic. I usually use this as a pre-reading activity in my Guided Reading lessons to activate Prior Knowledge.

Compare and Contrast - Another reading one. A simple template for the children to write on, with an example to start them off.

Non-Fiction Elements - Yet another reading one! Basically discusses the ways in which non-fiction books differ from fiction.

Think Pair Share - Very basic. Simply to help teach the children about his method of thinking and discussing.

That will do for now. I will add more later. I also have lots of other PowerPoints which I have downloaded from various sites. They cover maths, English and humanitites. If you would like some, please leave a message stating what your are after or e-mail me fom the link at the side.




Blogger TEACHER SOL said...

No problem DEB, you got some good stuff here. Maybe one day I will be needing your help too. I already linked your blog, hope it's ok with you *wink*

1:33 am


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