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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Koh Samui Music Festival

This has absolutely nothing to do with teaching! Well, perhaps it does! By going to this event, we teachers will be taking a well-earned break which will make us even better when we get back to the chalk-face!

For anyone in Thailand in the next couple of weeks, take yourself down to Koh Samui's Music Festival. It runs from 23rd September for ten days. They have two venues, with free transport to take you between them, and some great bands. I think the general theme is blues, but they have other stuff too. Loads of local bands, such as The Soi Dogs and Cannonball, and some world famous ones too. Jools Holland, The Wailers, UB40, Jerry Lee Lewis to name but a few!

If you see someone sitting on the sand, sipping a bottle of Singha whilst marking a pile of will probably be me!




Anonymous Richy said...

I remember the poster vaguely, but for the benefit of others, do you recall any details of packages down there?

9:32 am


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