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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just to let you know, I won't be updating this fantastic little blog of mine again until next week.

I am taking a well-earned weekend away to go to the Koh Samui Music Festival. I am planniing not to do any work at all and not give school a second thought! So, hopefully, I will be back on Monday fighting fit and raring to go! I may even share with you some of the antics I got up to!!!

Have a fantastic weekend.




Anonymous Andrew said...

Have a great break Debs while we're all planning! ;)

7:44 pm

Blogger voyager1701 said...

have great break. Do you know if you can get blogger to show how many people have viewed your blog. Kinda new to all this and not sure.

Those assessment sheets will be great adn will deff be using them with my kids.

Thank you, great blog by the way.

11:40 pm

Blogger Debs said...


I am kinda new myself really. I went to . It is easy enough to do. Pick the counter you like (I chose the apples at the bottom of here) and it generates a code. I pasted it at the end of my template in Blogger and there it was. I think you can play around putting the code in different places and pressing 'preview'. I wasn't that adventurous!

Thanks for the lovely comments, I really appreciate them. Next time, leave a link so I can have a look at your blog.


3:21 pm


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