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Monday, November 14, 2005

Anti-Bullying Week 2005

Anti-Bullying Week 2005 runs from November 21st-25th. Here are a few links to help plan some activities for the week.

The children's commissioner, Professor Al Aynsley-Green, stated in Sunday's BBC report:

"Despite good work in schools, there is still denial
about the "existence, severity and effect" of bullying."

He has suggested schools ask children to complete a bullying questionnaire each term, which can be downloaded at the Anti-Bullying Alliance website, along with numerous other resources for use during the anti-bullying week.

CBBC's Newsround site has a lovely Flash animation about bullying which you could use in class. It refers to text bullying, the silent treatment and violence, as well as giving suggestions as to what children can do. If you don't have Flash, there is also a standard PC version available.

There are loads of other useful resources for teachers, parents and children on these sites:


Bullying Online

Bully Free Zone


Radio One Life - which also has advice on bullying in the workplace.




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