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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Advent Calendars Online

I have been thinking ahead today, and have started to plan activities for Advent and Christmas. As this will be my first Christmas with my LCD projector, I thought that an online Advent Calendar would be a nice idea!

Below are links to some of the ones I have found. Some are from previous years, but are still very nice. The downside is, of course, that there are no chocolates behind the windows!

Culham's Bethlehem Street - a very pretty scene. Clicking on the buildings takes you to a page with a poem telling some of the Christmas story.

KTMATU A choice of three here. I am not sure what is behind the windows as it wont let you open them until the day!!!

Papa Bear's Advent Calendar - this one is lovely. Starting with the Bear family on the sofa in a bare room. A story at the bottom changes each day and advises you to click on the Christmas cards - which come from all over the world! The room fills as the days go on.

Yule in Iceland - another one which won't let you peek!

My Friend Magazine Advent Calendar - a very religious one, taking you to a prayer for each day.

Let me know if you find any more. At the moment, Papa Bear is my favourite, but I may well do a couple!




Anonymous Andrew said...

Love the online advent calendars that you mentioned. Had never thought about using an interactive one. If you visit you can see all the advent calendars about Tate, the black cat. Not as much fun as the Papa Bear one, my favourite as well.

I also quite like this one:

5:07 pm

Blogger Debs said...

Thanks for the extra links Andrew. I saw Tate and wasn't keen but I think papa Bear is from the same company, so they may even have more!


12:46 pm

Anonymous nmason said...

I like the one on woodlands junior, there's and infants one which has games and colourings that my class loved last year, and a KS2 one which is about Christmas around the world, they also enjoyed this even though they were Y2.

3:49 pm


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