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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Geography Resources - Asia

We all do projects on different countries, and for anyone wanting some resources on Asian countries, the Asia Education Foundation is very useful.

It has been set up by the Australian Governemnt to help link Australian children to Asia. The Curriculum Resources Link is probably the most useful. It has an online resource section, which links to resources on China, Indonesia and art from Asian countries. The Text link goes to either relevant web pages if available, or else a catalogue detailing where you can purchase the book. However, the most useful link is to lesson plans, where you can access materials on most Asian countries.

All the links contain resources for both Primary and Secondary aged children and can be sorted as such. There are also other useful links covering professional development and international initiatives too.

This site is worth adding to your favourites and popping to as needed. And remember, you can always email me for help with topics on Thailand! The Loy Krathong Festival is on November 15th.




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