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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Passport To The World - Useful Geography Websites

We have just finished our QCA topic, 'Passport to the World', and I thought I would mention a few websites which we found really helpful.

The first is Fact Monster, which has useful information on lots of subjects actually, but the Atlas section is excellent. As well as giving country facts, you can zoom in on the maps and save and print them. We found this useful for finding easy maps to use in PowerPoints. It also has news headlines and quizzes. (For more great kids news sites, see the posts on Primary Teacher UK)

The second site is Yahooligans. Again, this is useful for all sorts of topics, but the Around the World section is superb. My class loved using the World Fact Book and Ask Earl. We used this site in lessons and for homework activities.

The Third site is National Geographic Kids. My class found this one harder to find specific information from, but they enjoyed the games and a general explore.

Oh, and of course, Google Earth, on which we jetted all over the world, just because we could!




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