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Friday, October 14, 2005

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment In The Classroom?

On a school trip recently, I loaded my class onto the coach and was walking along the aisle to check everyone had buckled up their seat-belts. I was wearing a blouse with those press-stud popper type buttons. As I passed two of the seats, the seat-belt clamp on the top of the chair got caught between two of the buttons. I, unfortunately, didn’t notice and carried on walking!

As I moved, my blouse remained entangled on the chair, which caused all the buttons to pop open!!! Two of my poor little Year 3’s were sadly subjected to a full on flash! I have never been so mortified in my life.

I quickly grabbed both sides of my open blouse and wrapped it round me. Thank goodness I was wearing my sensible teacher underwear! With scarlet cheeks I apologised to the poor children in question, whose faces were a picture! At least it was only two of them near the back of the coach.

When I got back to school, I thought it best to inform the head in case he had irate parents calling him. He laughed his head off and congratulated me on introducing sex education in a creative way! Hmph! For the next few days, everyone I passed in the school gave a little rendition of that old song “Flash……a-haaaaaa”! I still have nightmares about it.

So, what is your most embarrassing moment?




Blogger TEACHER SOL said...

When I mispelled a word on the board and my students corrected it...most of my students have a learning disability :D

Hey, I couldn't get the pic to move, I don't know what's wrong. One of the (supposed) animated pic is now up in my latest entry. Thanks!

5:16 pm

Blogger Englicious said...

Dare I say that I'm glad they were 3rd graders and not high schoolers? I don't know, maybe the little ones are worse! I haven't been in teacher training long enough to have too many embarrassing moments, but I did have a tiny incident recently. There are many Hispanic girls in my practicum class and because I am not familiar with their names/pronunciation, I try to be very respectful. One girl had "Oscar" scrawled across the top of her page, so I thought well, maybe "Oscar" can be used as a girl's name. I pointed to it and asked her how to pronounce it and she got angry and told me that it wasn't her name, it was her boyfriend's name! I apologized and made up some story about a girl named "George" (short for Georgia) and this seemed to diffuse the situation. My cooperating teacher just chuckled at me!

11:42 pm

Blogger Mr. A's Blogging Extravaganza said...

I don't think I can top that one! One of my greatest fears is to step in front of the class with the fly of my pants unzipped.

3:07 pm

Blogger Debs said...

Hehehe! I remember one of my teachers doing that...we joked about it for the rest of our school years. Unfortunately, he never knew!


4:01 pm

Anonymous Donna said...

I recall all too often reading a fast paced poem; highlighting commas for speed and short sentences for tension.
The repeating rhythm was a list of animals.
There I was building the pace when... well all I can say is one of the sets of animals was bullocks - I'm not going to repeat what I read to year 6 pupils!
Suffice to say the remainder of the poem was lost to laughter. The remidy was to blush and carryone regardless.

1:29 am

Blogger Debs said...

That is hilarious! You poor thing! One of my biggest fears is letting slip a naughty word in class!

4:03 am


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