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Monday, October 03, 2005

Was It Worth It?

Thanks for the good wishes after my last post about my weekend away. I didn't think I would get to update my blog tonight as I have had to catch up on all the planning I didn't get done at the weekend.

Sitting here tonight, I asked myself, well, was it really worth it? My answer has to be - YES!!! It was amazing! Even though I have had to spend an hour or so working tonight, I feel on top of the world and the work I had to do was no trouble at all. I am sure it would have been harder last week! I am refreshed (and rather sun-burnt!) and getting away from it all has done me the world of good. I advise all you teachers out there to have a weekend away too! I have made a resoultion to get away at least once a month - I will keep you posted on that one! Still, being monthly, at least it should last longer than my New Year dieting resolutions which last, on average, about 6 hours!

The Festival was fantastic, although a bit of a flop numbers wise which is really sad. It was well-organised and the bands were brilliant. It is a shame it was so poorly attended. Jools Holland played to a crowd of around 500! I doubt he has played to so few since he started out! However, he still gave an amazing performance. The Wailers and UB40 drew a larger crowd on Saturday night, a couple of thousand I would guess, though I could have been seeing double with the amount of alcohol I had consumed! UB sounded just like they always have (I even had to translate their Brummie accents for a few people!) and they really got the crowd going. However, the highlight for me was seeing The Wailers. They really were outstanding! It was a great international event! Reggae and Blues music, a big Thai turnout and a crowd from just about every corner of the earth.

The only thing to spoil it was hearing the news about the bombs going off again in Bali. To hear that in the middle of an event which brought people from every walk of life together was heart-breaking. My thoughts and sincerest sympathy go out to all those affected by this tragic event.




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