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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ofsted's Report on the Teaching of English

What are your views on the recently released Ofsted report about the teaching of English over the last 5 years?

It seems to state that one in five children start secondary school having not achieved Level 4 in English. It suggests that these children need targeting. Fair enough. Does that mean the government are going to provide adequate funding to provide for these children? Will it make it easier for teachers to move children up the SEN ladder? Or does it simply mean we are going to be blamed and degraded yet again?

I suppose they could always come up with another new initiative which they haven't fully thought through to increase our workload and send us into a frenzy.

It at least raises the question about the appropriateness and (in)adequacy of the National Literacy Strategy.

What I dislike is the way they seem to blame teachers for "..interpreting the framework infexibly and not addressing the needs of the children." Excuse me? What have we been shouting about for years now? It is always so easy to blame the teachers and it really annoys me!

I am fortunate. Teaching in an international school means we have lots of flexibility with the NLS and the like.

What are your views?




Anonymous Andrew Ross said...

If the standards go down one it will be beacuse of poor teaching or inflexibity of the teachers. We will always get the blame for low standards.

If the standards go up however it's the governments latest inititives that have caused it! (Or maybe the level scores have just been lowered that year???!!!)

The children are unfortunatly just the pawns in the middle.

2:00 pm


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