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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Assembly Ideas

I was so upset today when one of my colleagues asked if I could swap my impending assembly with her!! (Can you hear the sarcasm?) I was due to put on a class assembly in three weeks time and hadn't really given too much thought to it. When she asked if I would be willing to swap becuase her class has written plays which they would like to perform, I almost bit her hand off! So, I get to wait until next term! Woo hoo!

By coincidence, I have just read Henry Walpole's fantastic blog entry on assemblies. As ever, his articles are side-splittingly funny and oh so close to the truth! His advice on never allowing teachers to pick the music is spot-on. An old colleague once chose one of the very songs he mentions! (I wonder if I used to work with Henry?) Anyway, it is well-worth a read!

For anyone not as lucky as me, who has to do their assembly sooner rather than later, here are a few links to sites offering assembly ideas and scripts (Links should go directly to the assembly pages):

Teaching Ideas - Assemblies

Primary Ideas - Assemblies

Primary Resources - Assemblies

School Assemblies

The Assemblies Website

Please post comments adding any other links you have.

So far this term, my colleagues have put on some fantastic class assemblies. These include:

Year 4 hot-seating the characters of Roald Dahl (hilarious);
Year 5 Greeks, covering: the Olympics - comparing then and now; maths then and now; Greek sculpture - with the children in Greek style poses (clothed, I would like to add!); instructions on making masks; Greek Theatre and a performance of a Cyclops story;
Year 3 - Australia - discussing the food, money, art, landmarks etc. with a showcase of children's work;
Year 6 art exhibition in a fashion show style, with the children walking down a 'catwalk', showing and explaining their work on a communication theme. They also wrote and performed plays on this theme.

The standard of these assemblies has been amazing and our children are all stars for performing so confidently and speaking so clearly to a large audience.




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a year 3 teacher in Leeds. I was looking for some resources for my assembly on Australia and came across you post.
You said that one of your colleagues posted some resources on Australia for Year 3.

Would you tell me where to find it..?

Kind regards,


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