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Friday, October 28, 2005


Regular visitors will have noticed that I have removed the Brain Breaks post. The reason for this is that I have found out that the resource I had mentioned was not the work of a fellow teacher wishing to share their resources, but actually taken from a commercially published scheme by Chris Henshaw called 'Thinking out of the Box'. Thus, emailing it to people would be breaking copyright laws.

My sincerest apologies go to Chris. I would not have offered the resource had I known, I realise how much hard work goes into making these things and how unfair it is. The file was sent to me by a teacher, contained no copyright information/logo's etc, so I assumed it to be her own work which she was happy to share. I have learned a valuable lesson.

I have also learned to be cautious from this experience. I am all for sharing resources, anything to make our lives as teachers easier has to be good. However, people seem to be abusing this type of community by claiming work to be their own when it isn't.

All of the resources available to download from this blog are my own work. I am happy for you all to use them in the classroom. I have them here and it is no trouble to me to let others use them. It is nice to feel like I have been of use to someone. I would hate to think that anyone would actually claim the resources to be their own or try to make money out of them by trying to sell them.

Gareth Pitchford has posted about this in his
Primary Resources Blog this week. People have actually been trying to sell the free downloads from Primary Resources on Ebay!

If this type of thing carries on, the free resources on the internet will dry up. People will stop offering them. This will make more work for us.

Please be cautious when sharing resources and anyone with a good knowledge of copyright law, I would love to learn more, so please leave a comment.




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