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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Primary Extra

Gareth Pitchford, the owner of the amazing Primary Resources website, is launching his brand new site, PRIMARY EXTRA, on Friday.

The first resource to be available on Primary Extra is an entire teaching pack, Greg Arious and the Lexicons, which you can purchase as an online download or CD.

The pack contains a lovely Flash presentation of the story, colour and black and white PDF files so you can produce hard copies of the story, a comprehensive teacher guide and loads and loads of activities to use in class.

It can be used throughout KS2 (years 3-6) and also links to the free resources available for download on Primary Resources should you need to extend or reinforce any of the concepts. (Although, I doubt you would need to as there are so many activities included!)

What I really like about the pack is that it can either be used as a whole unit of work or dipped into for the odd lessons here or there. All of these possibilities are explained clearly in the teacher guide.

You can find out about the hard work Gareth has put into this resource on the Primary Resources Blog, which is also full of fantastic links for teachers.

Below is a brief description taken from the new site:

'Greg Arious and the Lexicons' has been designed to help teachers introduce the concept of synonyms and to demonstrate the use of a thesaurus to Key Stage 2 children.

It can also be used as a focus when looking at lots of other topics including different types of words (nouns, verbs, adjectives), antonyms (opposites), dialogue words and onomatopoeia.



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