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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Aesop's Fables Resources

Many teachers will be covering Aesop's Fables soon and here are a couple of really useful resources.

There are two PowerPoints which can be found at the Teacher Resource Exchange. The catalogue is really useful for using with a projector and my class loved it last year. Click on any of the titles on the contents page to go to that fable, which usually only take up 2 slides. Be sure to download the one at the bottom as the 'home' link didn't work in the original. The other PowerPoint explores the style of his writing. has loads of online fables. Some of them have an audio file attached too, but I am not too keen on this. You can also access a list of lesson plans which have been sent in.

I have some other resources on my school computer, so will post those next term.




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