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Monday, December 19, 2005

Hanoi, Vietnam

Thanks to everyone who mailed and posted messages in my absence. It is nice to know my little blog remains popular even when I am not around to update it!

Hanoi was wonderful. It is a lovely city with so much history and architecture. I feel guilty for learning about it all retrospectively - I had no idea before I went but I'm reading up now!

The Old Quarter is marvellous maze of little streets with shops selling everything under the sun. My hotel was located on Hang Dao - roughly translated to mean 'Shoe Street'. I was in heaven - so many shoes to choose from. (if anyone wants hotel info, email me. The Sofitel Metropole, where I also spent a night, is over-priced and very over-rated!)

So with all my Christmas shopping done, I am back and will be once again posting regularly. More from me soon.




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