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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Writing Instructions - Recipes KS1

Here is a set of four sheets I used in Year 1 when writing recipes. There are two very simple templates on which to write a recipe for a fruit salad and a pizza and two sheets for work on verbs. I used them in Y1 but Y2 may be able to make use of them too.

I introduced the imperative verbs as 'Bossy Words' and we had great fun being bossy, giving instructions to each other before we started. the children loved doing this and had no trouble at all when it came to writing down the instructions themselves.

We also brought in our teddy bears (me included) and took them outside with us with our fruit salads for a Teddy Bears Picnic. Are you brave enough to eat their delicious cooking???

In Y3, we based our instructional writing on producing a guidebook for an alien coming on a visit to our school. I asked the children what they thought he would need to know. They came up with ideas such as how to tie his tie, brush his teeth, use a knife and fork etc. Each child went away and wrote their own set of instructions for him, which I then bound together to produce a guidebook which I posted to him! (amazing what they fall for!). Unfortunately, he later emailed them to apologise explaining that he couldn't come due to mechanical problems with the spaceship! Bless!

Download the Recipe Worksheets or click on the title at the top



Anonymous Andrew said...

Hi Deb,

Just to let you know that the links to the recipe worksheets don't seem to be working at the moment (22:42 UK time). Hope to see them soon!

10:43 pm

Anonymous laura said...

andrew - it does if you click the title wather then the link! just discovered this myself as the link still not working (14/12 4.56pm)

4:56 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't seem to download the work-sheets either, even when clicking on the title.

1:29 pm


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