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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back To School

The holidays are over and it is all systems go. I just wish my brain would engage! I actually went back to school last Wednesday, but the children start on Monday! As always happens before the children return, tonight will be a sleepless one! Does that ever change??

I hope you all have a great first day back and keep up the great work both in school and with the blogging! It does make life easier for us all!




Blogger anybody said...

My kiddos go back to school tomorrow. My brain is having trouble engaging too. My fingers are crossed that it will eventually kick in.

7:22 pm

Anonymous Andrew said...

We had children back last Thursday so my brain is even more of a muddle now than the night before! :) And with HMI coming in I think it might just explode! BANG!

6:42 pm

Blogger Debs said...

Good luck Andrew. three days now and we are all just about settled! It was a tough start though after 4 weeks off for them!


4:26 pm


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