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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Is Thinking?

One of my colleagues told me a very amusing story today which I thought I would share with you.

She usually puts the schedule for the day up on the board. Earlier this week, she wrote 'Thinking' next to lesson 1 as opposed to the usual subject names. One of her darling year 5's raised their hand and asked "Miss, what is thinking?"

I know the child didn't mean it like that, but it does sum up some of the bad days we all have from time to time quite nicely!




Blogger lyza said...

How did you get started in international teaching?? I'd love to hear your story!! That is an adorable story! Kids do give us the blunt way of life... I know we all think that somtimes;-). lol. I'm a junior/probably two more years of school at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I've actually thought about getting involved in international teaching. Hope you're having an amazing day!

4:11 am

Blogger Debs said...

Hi Lyza,

International teaching is a great experience and you get to work with the most amazing teachers from all over the world. The children come from all over too, bringing a wealth of culture to celebrate.

When I was offered my first overseas job, I was uncertain and terrified. i didn't know whether to accept or not. A friend said, 'Take a risk, live a little!' I did and I have never looked back!

Go for it!


4:57 pm

Blogger Mr. Moore said...

That would be really funny if it weren't so true.

10:24 pm


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