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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Online Maths Dictionary For Kids

A colleague at school sent around a link to an amazing online Maths Dictionary for the children to use which I just have to pass on. I think it is fantastic!

It has been created by an Australian primary school teacher called Jenny Eather, who made it some years back for use in her own school. It now contains over 600 words and is extremely popular, having had over 8 million visitors!

The alphabet is at the side and clicking on a letter shows the maths vocabulary starting with that letter. When you click on a word, you not only get a definition, but samples, examples and quizzes too. It is really child friendly, simple to use and great fun.

I can think of loads of ways of incorporating this into both maths and English lessons, but, I think to start off I am just going to let the children explore it and have some fun!

Thanks Jenny!




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