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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Guided Reading - Prediction

The main comprehension strategy we are focusing on for the next few weeks in guided reading is prediction. As it is Year 3, we are expecting the children to re-predict as they read on through the text and explain their reasons for doing so.

I have told them they are to be detectives, looking for clues and evidence in the text which they need to share with the rest of the group to justify changing their predictions. We are looking for clues from what has been said, done or what the author meant.

To support this, I have made a simple graphic organiser for them to write their reasons on. I have also made 2 on an A4 sheet, as they are likely to re-predict more than once. Once the children are used to explaining their reasoning, we will stop the sheets altogether. I just think they need a bit of prompting at the moment.

The files are both in PDF format. Email me or leave a message if you would like the orignal Publisher file so that you can adapt it.




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