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Sunday, January 08, 2006

An Interesting Online Visual Dictionary

I came across InfoVisual today and although I havent spent too long exploring it, I think it could come in quite handy, particularly for science topics and MFL.

There are currently only five topics available and you click on the images rather than words. The picture then turns into a more detailed, labelled diagram of that image. There are sound effects and animations available on some of the entries too (you need QuickTime). Another interesting feature is that you can select English or French, so it may be useful for MFL lessons!

There is a very useful Help page to show you how to make the most of the features available. Definitiely a site I will pop back to as they are hoping to add more topics!




Blogger anybody said...

Thanks for the link! It looks like one that could come in handy for this French teacher.

7:21 pm

Blogger Debs said...

Any time. i hope it is useful!

4:25 pm


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