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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Download Classroom Exercise Book Labels

Rather than doing anything constructive this afternoon such as planning, I have spent the last twenty minutes making labels for the children's exercise books.

This download contains labels for the following books: writing, handwriting, maths, science, guided reading, topic (humanities stuff) and a spelling log. There are between 6-9 labels on a page, so you may need to print multiple copies. Use the print current page option if you only want certain labels.

My plan is to print them out on A4 sticker paper and cut them up. This is not a ground breaking resource by any means, but may just save you a few minutes.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello debbie. just found all your stuff! great to see you are doing so well. tried to download your labels-no luck. St. G gave you a good start! bp has retired. x

2:35 pm


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