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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Text Organisers and Interactive Maths Games

In case you have not clicked on the links yet, there are a couple of really nice links, also designed by Jenny, at the bottom of the Maths Dictionary page.

The first is to a site called Writing Fun, where you can get simple writing frames (or text organisers) for persuasion, narrative, poetry etc. What I really like about this site is that there are examples of each text type, ranging from simple pieces to more elaborate and detailed ones. These would be really useful for shared reading.

The second site is Rainforest Maths which has simple online flash activities arranged according to year group.

I thought I would mention them in case you had not yet noticed!




Anonymous ssaha said...

I see that you like finding new cool sites that will help both the teacher and the students to learn better, and i thought you might be interested in checking this site out. This site really encourages students to write and collaborate online. Check it out:

7:28 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My cousin is an elementary school teacher. I will show her this site.
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7:02 pm

Blogger Sarah said...

i use rainforest maths loads, and my kids (year 5) love it!

5:04 pm

Blogger Armand Rousso said...

I think the interactive maths software is very interesting. It will surely help children to get loves maths.

9:19 am

Blogger Debs said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. It is a super site which is well worth visiting time and time again!


1:23 pm


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