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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Paired Reading - Free Downloads

Paired Reading is just one part of my reading lessons. A group sometimes uses this as an independent activity whilst I am teaching another group. Moving away from my main comprehension strategy, paired reading is used to develop fluency and accuracy.

I am sure we have all had children reading in pairs before, but these charts help them to focus. Each pair has a reader and a listener and they both focus on the objective I have set them from the chart.

I have made three charts so far - here in PDF format - Accuracy, Punctuation. I have laminated each chart and use a peg on the side as a pointer to the objective I want the pair to work on in that session. They both know what to focus on when reading and listen out for as the listener.

My Year 3's have taken to this like ducks to water! They enjoy being mini-teachers and helping each other and make a huge effort to work on the objective set. It keeps them well-occupied for a 20 minute session and is starting to help them to become more accurate.

One point, the accuracy objectives are specific to the needs of my ESL children and some of the difficulties they face. You may need to alter them for native English speakers.

I have put all three charts in a Primary Resources website, which was updated again last Friday. Thanks to Gareth for all his hard work updating his amazing site so regularly.




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