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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Topic Box

I saw a link to Topic Box on Andrew's Primary Teacher UK site and went for a mooch around. I am really impressed with it. As well as being refreshing on the eyes being bright yellow, it is simple to navigate and very well organised. Click on a subject, on a topic and there is a page of online resources all ready for you. Very simple and very fast!

The authors of the site state that they made the site to replace the dusty old plastic topic boxes we all have in school (sound familiar to you too???) which are full of almost antique resources. This being a relatively new site, the resources are up to date, can be rated by anyone who downloads them and I should imagine will be updated regularly.

The site is free to use and will provide hours of fun for anyone with a projector or IWB in school. All they ask is that you spread the word - which is what I am doing!

Thanks all at Topic Box!


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