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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Download Difficulties - Patience Please!

Thank you those who emailed to alert me you were having trouble downloading. Try later and all should work.

Ripway, the great free site I use, only allows 25MB of downloads in a 24 hour period. There has been a lot of downloads occuring over the last few days and so I have gone over that limit. They calculate downloads hourly, so all should be working again soon.

If the downloads continue to be high, I will consider upgrading to one of their paid subscription type accounts, which should remove the limits.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Download WILF and WALT PowerPoint

I have made this little WILF (What I'm Looking For) and WALT (We Are Learning To) PowerPoint to use with my Year 1 class.

I think the animation is quite cute, but the background is a bit dull. The reason for this is that I wanted something which would lend itself to being printed out, producing clear and not too busy prints. It is easy the change the background in PowerPoint anyway, by clicking on the 'design' button.

Simply type in your learning outcomes (WALT) and success criteria (WILF) in the text boxes on each slide.

I hope you find it useful.


Download Classroom Exercise Book Labels

Rather than doing anything constructive this afternoon such as planning, I have spent the last twenty minutes making labels for the children's exercise books.

This download contains labels for the following books: writing, handwriting, maths, science, guided reading, topic (humanities stuff) and a spelling log. There are between 6-9 labels on a page, so you may need to print multiple copies. Use the print current page option if you only want certain labels.

My plan is to print them out on A4 sticker paper and cut them up. This is not a ground breaking resource by any means, but may just save you a few minutes.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Teachade - A Growing Community Of Teachers

I recently received an email from Ben at Teachade asking me to take a look at their website and maybe make a few suggestions as to how they can improve it. As I'm always keen to find new places which may make my life in the classroom easier, I went for a mooch around!

Upon arrival, it looks a bit basic, the sort of site you would probably think didn't have a lot on it. If I am honest, had I not been asked to make some suggestions, I would have probably closed the window. But, because I'm lovely, I started clicking!

The site's mission statement says:
Our mission here is to provide you with a web site that supports your
professional work, and provides an engaging place to discuss teaching.

The first thing I tried was a resource search. You just type in what your looking for. My first few attempts using my Year 1 topic titles came back with nothing. I then tried the subject names and there are a few links to some good websites which have been added by the members of Teachade.

To access the groups - a term I was not familiar with - you need to register, which is really simple. There are absolutely loads of different groups which basically turn out to be message boards rather like the TES Staffroom, but more specific. The groups range from Early Years to Senior School and some are subject specific. There is also a Teachade help group where they will reply to your queries about using the site.

At the moment, most of the groups are American, but the membership still seems quite small. I am sure as more people join, the groups will gain a more international flavour. You can also add your own lesson ideas, websites you would like to share with the rest of us and even links to your own blog or website.

I sent my suggestions to Ben and he was already working on the ideas I had - not very original am I?

I found the site to be very small but I think it has heaps of potential. Once more people join and begin contributing, it should prove really useful. But it needs members to make it work, so have a look yourself at


Thursday, August 24, 2006

All Fixed! Downloads Now Available

Hooray! I have solved the download problem to some extent. Files now can be downloaded from the "Download My Files" links at the side.

Unfortunately, any downloads from within the actual previous posts will no longer work. However, I think they are all at the side as well. Should you spot any files in old posts which are not listed, please email me and I will add them.

Thanks again for your patience.


Download Difficulties

My sincerest apologies to anyone who has been trying to download my files recently.

I use
Ripway, a superb free web hosting service to upload to. They give you 30MB of space for free. However, the condition of this is that you must log in every 30 days to keep the account active. Obviously, having had such a long holiday, my account has expired.

I am awaiting a reply from them to see if I can reactivate my old account or whether I have to sign up for a new one. If I need a new one, I will repair all the links in the sidebar once I have the new details.

Please accept my apologies and thank you for your patience. If there is anything you are desperate for, email via the link at the side and I will email the files to you.

I will let you know when everything is fixed.


I'm Back!

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday! I certainly did! It is hard trying to get my brain back into gear now after 6 weeks of not having to use it!

School officially starts on Monday, but I have been popping in this week to try and ease myself back into the swing of things and help with the new staff who are in the middle of a hectic induction programme.

There may be a slight change of emphasis this year. I have moved back to Year 1 after having spent the last two years in Y3. I still have lots of Y3 resources to share with you, but my new searches are going to be KS1 based for now.

Enjoy what is left of your holiday and have a great start of term everyone!


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